Best Places for Baby Ear Piercing in Delhi

Looking for the Best Places for Baby Ear Piercing in Delhi? We got you covered here at budding souls with some of the best options available.

Baby ear piercing is done in Delhi by using different ways based upon the parents’ choice, Parents may choose the traditional method from a local vendor or family jeweller. You can check with your child’s pediatrician or dermatologist to pierce your baby/child ears based upon the requirements. You can choose a spa/salon and make sure that there have been no complaints.

No matter your preferred choice – make sure to go with a Piercing gun for the procedure if possible ask for Disposable Ear Piercing Gun which is the safest option though the price might be a little extra.

What is the best age for baby ear piercing?

Baby ear piercing is depending upon your beliefs and customs, It is good to wait until baby crossing 3 months to 6 months because their immune system is still developing which will cause an infection or fever from the piercing. Need to make you are using the sterile procedure and a licensed standard place/person. The person who is performing baby ear piercing should be well trained and experienced, They are using the best hygienic and disposable equipment that has been sterilized, wearing disposable gloves.

Is ear piercing is painful for babies?

Yes it is painful for your little one because it is done without anesthesia, even though the baby ear piercing is done in a few seconds. If you want to make painless for your baby you can check with the doctor, Sometimes they will recommend topical anesthesia that can be applied to the lobe before the piercing or painkiller disinfectant cream based upon the baby’s age. Once the ear piercing is done you need to keep an eye for any signs of rashes, infections or allergies. If you see any of these please contact your pediatrician immediately.

How do I choose the right ear ringing?

Finding the right earrings for your little one is the biggest task, traditional neem twig is inserted when the ear piercing is done most of the parents will believe that neem twig having healing and disinfectant properties. Some parents still use this method even now, but finding the right type of twig is the biggest challenge in cities, it is entirely up to you.

When buying the right earrings, Try to find the small one with gold or silver. Don’t pick very small studs they may go into the piercing area and cause complications. Most of the baby ear piercing places have ear ringing you may choose from those places also. It is best to avoid jhumkis and large ear ringing it may be caught into a baby dress or toy and will hurt her. It is good to keep disinfectant cream always for baby safety.

Best Places for Baby Ear Piercing in Delhi

Ear & Nose Piercing

Ear & Nose Piercing is one of the best places in Delhi for baby piercing they have professional work experience with babies mostly with wide range of ear studs. They are making sure babies getting less pain and it is fully safe.

  • K-95/A-3,kunj Market, near Hotel Malik Continental, Masoodpur, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi, Delhi 110070
  • Phone: 099993 88662
  • Open Hours: Monday – Sunday:  12 pm–7 pm


The procedure is quick, gentle, and offers précised results for baby, and they providing painless ear piercing for baby.

  • M-51, Laxmi Shopping Centre, Greater Kailash, Part, 1, M Block, Market, New Delhi, Delhi 110048
  • Phone: 011 2923 6682
  • Open Hours: Monday – Sunday:  12:30 pm–7:30 pm

Dr. Ankit Parakh

Experienced and professional doctors are doing ear piercing with very hygienic and sterilized equipment.  They are providing the safest and technologically-advanced ear piercing system available. The new Ear Piercing system from Inverness (USA) is safe and hypoallergenic.

The system safely and quickly pierces ears in 3 EASY STEPS using a gentle, hand-pressured instrument (also called as GUN). The earrings are sterile and hypoallergenic. They are fitted into a pre-sealed cartridge. The pre-sterilized earring capsules ensure the safest ear piercing possible by preventing the piercing earring and Safety Back from being exposed to possible contaminants prior to piercing. Moreover, the earrings are available in various designs and price ranges. Details regarding the availability and price of the ear-rings are available at the clinic.

Please go through the below website for more information:

Baby And Child Kare Clinic By Dr. Pawan Kumar

The baby ear piercing has a well-equipped separate area with all the modern equipment. The clinic has separate waiting and consultation areas that allow enough space for patients to wait conveniently at the clinic. your baby ear piercing is done by a pediatrician under safe and hygienic conditions. Here they will use disposable gunshots.

  • B1/1, Lower Ground Floor, Pvr Anupam Cinema Road, Saket, Delhi – 110017, Near Gyan Bharti School
  • Open Hours: Monday – Sunday:  5:00 pm–9:30 pm
  • Phone: 9152390441

Ear Pasting & piercing service

They have very friendly staff which will help you in answering any queries. They are doing ear piercing in Delhi from 2014 onwards.

  • PLOT NO 5 DWARKA, AASHIRWAD CHOWK, Dwarka Sector 4, Delhi – 110078, Below Dominos
  • Open Hours: Monday – Sunday
  • Phone: 9152703504


They use a hand pressurized instrument and not a spring-loaded gun for ear piercing. So, the earring is not shot at but is gently moved into the ear. It is quick, précised, and noiseless, which makes it certain that the children getting the piercing does not get panic and hurt. The ear-piercing at our clinic is safe; no infection will be experienced. Fully encapsulated sterile, hypoallergenic piercing earrings are packed in a cassette with individual compartments, ensuring that they do not lose their sterility until the gas-permeable seal is not opened.

  • E-13, Basement & First Floor, Defence Colony, Ring Road, New Delhi – 110024
  • Phone : +91 1140041900

Cosmeticians / Pediatricians available for Baby Ear Piercing in Delhi

You can find a large number of Medical practitioners who does Baby Ear Piercing in Chennai in the links below,

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