Baby Ear Piercing

Baby Ear Piercing – Everything you should know about it

Baby Ear Piercing is one of the oldest forms of body modification. Baby Ear piercing has been around for centuries as part of ritualistic and cultural traditions, but has continued to become a worldwide mainstream fashion statement which is very common in India, Nigeria, Brazil and Hispanic countries.

What is the best time of year for Baby Ear Piercing?

Summer with its hot and dusty atmosphere makes the wounds to heal worse and there is always a chance of infection. Winter season on the other hand is a time when children are wearing caps and turtleneck sweaters that can irritate the earring due to accidental touching and injure the wound that has not yet healed.

Considering these – The Best time for Ear Piercing is late spring and early autumn.

What is the Safe Age for Baby Ear Piercing?

Expert generally agree that this is really is a personal decision – though some do warn about the potential risks in piercing your Baby’s ear too early. Usually there is specific medical reason to wait, but the procedure is not without risk.

Any time you make a puncture on skin, you open up a chance for infection with infants its even greater risk as they are still developing their immune system. So its ideal to wait at-least 6 months before planning for Ear Piercing.  Ear Piercing is generally conducted without the usage of any painkillers as it hurts less than a shot of anesthetic.

American Academy of Pediatrics recommends to wait until the child is old enough to take care of the pierced ear which is approximately 2 years. Its a best suited age due to multiple factors,

    • Baby’s body is less prone to allergies
    • Old enough to understand and communicate back to you if required
    • Skin is still soft and not delicate like before.

Cons of Ear Piercing below one year

    • Risk of infection as newborn babies have tiny ear lobes and chances of misplaced earrings are higher.
    • Nickel piercings can cause allergy
    • Risk of ear trauma if baby grabs the earrings during games
    • Accidental swallowing of earring if its falls off.

Where should I get the Ear Piercing done?

Baby Ear Piercing is generally done at Medical Centers which conduct such procedures or checked Beauty saloons where this procedure will be done by cosmeticians / professionals. They will know the correct place to make the perfect  and beautiful puncture, how to make it quick and painless.

Ears are generally pierced using a specialized gun which makes the puncture and the child’s ears are decorated with stud earrings which is made of medical steel (be sure to ensure that its sterile and medical grade). Whole procedure in practically painless and lasts only a few minutes in general.

Brace yourself as your little one might get afraid, burst into sudden tears or not even allow for the second ear piercing. This occurs mainly due to the sound produced due to the gun. Even child make sudden movement that can cause displacement from the intended puncture location.

Best method, If possible choose a Single use, Disposable model for the Baby Ear Piercing as it is 100% Sterile, Noiseless, Less Painful even the it might cost little more.

What are the steps involved in the process?

Baby Ear Piercing process is similar to that of the adult ear piercing. Generally its a 4 step process as given below,

    • Step 1 : Cosmetician / Medical Professional disinfects the puncture site with alcohol or some similar disinfectant.
    • Step 2 : Piercing can be done either with gun or needle-based piercers – which is up to the parents choice or the professionals advice. Both would cause pain, only for a few minutes during and after the process.
    • Step 3 : Hole will be filled with Gold / Medical Steel based earrings which acts as place holders to prevent the hole from closing out. Ideally 14 carat gold is recommended as it is least prone to infection.
    • Step 4 : Disinfectant should be applied after the process as well regularly based on the advice from the practitioner.

How to tend the Pierced Ear and avoid complication?

Even if you had gotten the baby ear piercing from the best cosmology clinic, wound healing process might take its own pace depending on the immunity of child, type of inflammatory responses in the body and the care of punctured ear lobes.

    1. Treat the wounds with antiseptics like hydrogen peroxide, diluted with alcohol or other alcohol containing solutions for 5-7 days – Every time scroll the earrings well.
    2. Do not let water go in the newly pierced ears of child – avoid pools until its completely healed.
    3. Do not remove earrings until the complete healing of punctures which generally takes one to three months.
    4. Keep the hair neat – either a short hair cut or collect them as tail.
    5. First earrings for your baby should be as light as possible – made of white / yellow gold with lock that is reliable, but simple without any sharp ending that may hurt her while sleeping.
    6. Despite all these – Keep an eye out for infection always – These can include pain, discharge, inflammation and bleeding. If you see any of these signs – take out the earrings, clean it with alcohol and consult your baby doctor whether you need to apply any type of medication.

Is it more complicated to do Ear Piercing late?

Absolutely not, it is no more complicated to do Baby Ear Piercing at an older age than doing it in a month after birth. Once you have decided take her to your physician and ask for referral – Lot of pediatricians do the ear piercing in their clinic, however if your doctor don’t do it – ask for reference of a good practitioner.


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